Alpha Language School Phuket
Alpha Language School Phuket

- established in the year 2013
- accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education

We offer
- Thai English and Chinese language courses
- with and without Education Visa / Student Visa
- for adults and
- children age 6 to 12

Our courses
- are led within a friendly stimulating and interactive environment

Our teachers
- graduated professionals with experience and dedication

Our students
- over 250 students from all continents have attended our private and group courses since we have opened the school
The School is situated in one of the most popular and beautiful locations on Phuket Island in Thailand, Ao Chalong, just a few steps away from the
famous Wat Chalong, the largest temple in Phuket.
In the beautiful area of Wat Chalong you can find Alpha Language School Phuket
Alpha Language School Phuket in Chalong
is well known for:
Small groups in classes
Small groups of 3 to 5 students in a class, max 8, is the most efficient and effective way to learn. We also provide variety of English and Thai language courses, on-line .
Flexibility - Private / Group lessons and on-line programs
Alpha is aiming to be flexible for you. The choice of studying in a small group, privately – one to one – or only with your friends at school or at home online, is yours. We will find a way to make you feel comfortable and satisfied.
The method of tuition and
author programs
We teach the language in a quick and efficient manner. It is a balanced mixture of four skills, required in the process of learning any language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. You will feel confident just after a few lessons.
Education Visa in Thailand
At Alpha Language School you can study the Thai language for up to 3 years with the Education Visa. Our language course programs are accepted by the Thai Ministry of Education.
At Alpha Language School you can also learn a language of your choice without the Education Visa.
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