Learn Thai Language on Phuket – Regular Group Course



  • Learn Thai Language Courses – Group Regular Pace (2 times a week, 2 hours per day)
  • The Courses begin on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • The Courses begin with minimum 3 students in a group.
  • Lessons are conducted on: Tuesday and Thursday

We, at “Alpha” offer an easy access to the Thai language and culture of our Land. Learn Thai on Phuket. On this course you will learn Thai language through English. That will give you the knowledge and the carriage to speak and interact with the Thai people in a polite and correct way.


  • From the first day, during this Learn Thai Course you will learn the basic grammar information on how to structure Thai sentences.
  • You will gradually learn the structure of the language.
  • You will learn Thai language through English.
  • We will help you to increase your vocabulary and you will be studying many useful and specific expressions.
  • We will be introducing and discussing constantly the most important verbs in the Thai language.
  • During the course you will learn how to greet people and how to introduce yourself in the Thai language.
  • You will know the polite cultural ways of expressing yourself, including telling time, calendar, food, housing, family and vocabulary from other fields of interest that will be our aim in this first course.
  • You will learn how to use Thai verb forms.
  • There will be lessons introducing you to the words which will help you to describe others and to describe the world surrounding you – adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns and pronouns.
  • You will learn the structural order of Thai.

During the whole 18 month course you will learn what you need to become a fluent Thai language speaker. You will also be beginning to learn how to read and write in Thai.

Choose one of the offered courses, and if you wish we will prepare all the necessary documents for you to obtain the Education Visa. You will be able to stay in Thailand during the validity of your Education Visa.

We also offer to all our students two ways of the payment for the courses.

We aim to be flexible, competitive and helpful.


There are 6 educational learning levels of the course, each level – 48 lessons (Regular Pace) – 14.400 Baht / duration 3 months

You can pay the full amount or pay the deposit of 50 % for the course, which will book your course. The rest of the fee is to be paid within 30 days from the first payment of the course.

“Alpha” has prepared its own study programs, books and materials, which have been officially recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education. Learn Thai on Phuket with us. We guarantee the best education quality.


14.400 ฿



3 months (48 h)



Course frequency

2 times a week

Education Visa


Up to 6 students

In this course

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