Education Visa in Thailand

Alpha Language School is recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education as a provider of education to international students and a promoter of the Thai language and culture

How to get Education Visa to Thailand

  • For those who are in Phuket and wish to study at our school and who have gotten all Immigration documents and have already chosen one of our Courses accepted by the Thai Ministry of Education.
  • For those who are not in Thailand at present but wish to come to Thailand in order to study a language. We can send all the required documents to facilitate you obtaining the Education Visa from in your country.

The procedures for obtaining an Education Visa

  • The process usually takes around 4 weeks to be completed. Take this into consideration and please send us your inquiries early enough
  • Alpha Language School will provide you with all the documents that you are required to have to be able to recive your Education Visa for  Thailand. The new Immigration law says that to obtain the Education Visa, the Visa Run is necessary.
  • Following the newest Immigration laws, on arrival your Education Visa permits you to stay up to 90 days in Thailand with additional extensions
  • At present each Visa extension fee – 1,900 Baht paid directly to the Immigration Office
  • We will be informing you about all the important law changes as quickly as possible

More questions about Education Visa?

Click FAQ or give us a call  +66 (0) 908 650 050

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